Baby Bike Carrier Reviews

Bicycling is a great outdoor activity that all parents want their child to be a part of, even if the parents are not active cyclists. For parents who do enjoy cycling often or perhaps do not have a vehicle and choose instead to ride a bike, things can become quite challenging. This leads to major interest in baby bike carriers. To help you gain and understanding of whether it is right for you or not, here are a few baby bike carrier reviews for you to consider.

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What Is a Baby Bike Carrier? 

A bike carrier for baby is a seat that you can put onto your bicycle. Your child sits in it while you pedal. They are often made of hard plastic and a lot of them rest over the back tire. However, some people use other types of carriers such as those that are behind a bike on a trailer or they simply carry their child in a regular baby carrier, but this is not always a practical idea.

A bike carrier for baby is a great way, according to many parents to expose their children early in life, to the joys of riding a bike. They say it is a great way to encourage children to want to learn how to ride. It can also teach a young child about the joys of being outside. Much like hiking with a baby, this is just one other way to get a child outside.

Why Choose Bike Carrier over Standard Carriers?

Standard baby carriers are designed to be attached to you in some way. They are a great way to comfort and soothe an infant and they are comfortable for both the parent and the baby. This does not necessarily mean that they are safe to use on a bicycle.

When cycling with a baby in a normal or sling style carrier, you may find it more difficult to ride. The baby will fit between your arms and as you sit, your legs may be unnaturally forced further apart. If the child is on your back, it could throw off your center of balance, which is again, not a great idea. If you are riding like this and something happens that causes you to fall, you could easily land on your child. This means they would take a hit from both sides and considering how delicate their bodies are, it could be a bad situation.

A baby carrier for bike is designed to be separate from you, while still having your child in the great outdoors with you. You will not be trying to ride with them throwing off your balance and, because accidents do happen sometimes, you will not risk falling on them.

You should keep in mind, though, that there are rules to safely ride with a younger child on a bike with a baby carrier. Some areas require them to wear a helmet and most think it is best if they are able to hold their head upright. Many professionals do not feel that you should ride an infant on a bike because there is risk associated with the way it can bounce them around, but if you are going to be riding a bicycle with your little one, a bike baby carrier is the safest way to go. Perhaps one of the following would be a best option for you and your little one. Our reviews are of carriers that have already been tested and tried out by other parents who also have their child’s safety in mind.

Top Four Baby Bike Carriers

Schwinn Deluxe

Schwinn Deluxe Baby Bike CarrierThis baby bike carrier assembles easily on the rear frame of most adult sized bicycles. It is made of polypropylene to be lightweight and features a quick release harness, leg restraints, and a padded crossbar to keep your toddler inside of it and safe. It comes with a spoke guard and seat spring guard as well. This bike carrier is designed for children up to 40 pounds, though its age recommendation is 2 years and up. Read More Here⇒


WeeRide LTD Kangaroo 

WeeRide Bike Baby CarrierThe best thing about this bike carrier is that it has an ultra-thick seat with extra back padding. It is unique in the fact that it positions your child in front of the bike saddle to keep them safe. The mounting bar is included as well as a safety harness. The foot holders and plush headrest are adjustable and it is stable, even when turning corners. You should use this carrier after your child is a year old and stop once they are 40 pounds or about 4-years-old. Read More Here⇒



iBert Safe-T

iBertBike CarrierThis is a front mounted bicycle seat that puts your child at the handlebars. This provides safety and comfort as well as putting your child where you can watch him and interact with him safely. It has a 3-point safety harness and a lap bar that locks into place. It is easy to mount and the child’s legs will be protected on three sides. Should be used with children who are old enough to hold their head up and weigh less than 38 pounds. Check Pricing Here⇒


Bell Sports 1006801

Bell Baby Bike CarrierThis carrier fits easily onto most bicycles by simply attaching it to the area behind your bicycle seat. It can be used up until a child reaches 40 pounds. It features a seat pad, five point harness, and foot rests so that you do not have to worry about your child’s feet getting near the wheels. Most parents feel that it should not be used with a child that is less than one year old. Others say that all that is needed is for the child to be able to hold their head up very well. Read More Here⇒