Baby Doll Carriers; Backpack, Bike, & Car Carriers

All little ones go through a beautiful time in their life known as childhood. It is a time when imaginations soar. It is a time when they learn how to become the people that they are destined to be. Part of that experience for them will stem from watching you, their parents. They will try to imitate the things you do and that is one of the main reasons they will want baby doll carriers including backpacks, bikes, and car carriers.

Embrace Your Toddler’s Desire to Learn

Baby Doll Back Pack CarrierIf your toddler has a sibling that is smaller than them, they may see you doing a lot to care for the new baby. It is only natural that they will want to take care of a baby, just like you are doing. They strive to be like you in every way, even if there isn’t another baby in the home. You should embrace this phase and allow them to do the things that they see you doing. It will teach them about caring for others and it will show them that even though you are busy with the baby, you still have time to love them as well.

How to Encourage Learning for Your Toddler

You shouldn’t try to stop your child from carrying around their baby dolls everywhere they go. You should attempt to get toys that make it easier for them. You can then talk to them about using a doll car seat carrier to keep their baby safe or how a baby doll carrier can help them clean their toys up while still caring for their baby. To get more ideas on how to encourage your toddler’s playing and learning, you should look at the toys below.

Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier

ErgoBaby Doll CarrierThis baby doll front carrier is made with 100% cotton. It has padded shoulder and waist straps to look just like the carrier you use. It is easy to clean using a gentle cycle on your washing machine. It has a 4.8-star rating and is a #1 best seller. With a little help, it could also be used as a baby doll backpack carrier. Check Ergobaby Doll Carrier Pricing here⇒


Sophia’s Soft Doll Carrier

Sofia's Doll Baby CarrierThis toy baby carrier is ideal for baby dolls that are 15-18 inches long. It is a hot pink carrier that little girls will love using. The straps are adjustable made of velour. Check Sophia’s Soft Carrier Pricing here⇒

Doll Bicycle Seat “Ride Along Dolly”

Bicycle Baby Doll CarrierThis bicycle seat comes with decals so that your child can decorate it themselves. It is able to hold dolls or stuffed animals that are 18-22 inches in size as long as they are less than 3 pounds. It may also be possible to use it with balance bikes as long as they are designed like real pedal bikes. Check Ride Along Dolly Pricing here⇒

Doll Toy Car Seat

Toy Doll Car SeatAll kids have to ride in a car seat. Who says dolls don’t need tp? Your child will love using this car seat for baby doll. It has a handle for carrying, uses a 5-point harness, and works with dolls that are 12-20 inches. It looks like an infant car seat and it is available in blue or pink. Check Doll Toy Car Seat Pricing here⇒