Best Baby Carrier for Breastfeeding & Nursing Wraps

Nursing moms are faced with many challenges. It is a time consuming, wonderful experience that is difficult to do at certain times or in certain situations. Baby carriers and wraps are designed to be a helping hand for new moms. They are also ideal for breastfeeding your little one. That is why the best baby carriers are designed to be front facing, cover-ups for you and your little one. This ensures that you have privacy and your little one gets all the comfort that he/she needs. Best of all, it keeps your hands free so that you can do the things that you need to do.

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Enjoy Hands Free Nursing

A breastfeeding wrap is designed to hold your little one while you nurse, and not necessarily while remaining stationary. It makes things more comfortable for you by being an extra set of arms, while it wraps them in warmth and safety. You could even walk through a grocery store and do your shopping and nurse your little one. No one will ever have to know what you are doing and you will never have to worry about becoming exposed or having to sit down to feed your little bundle. Can you imagine how much easier it will make your day if you can nurse without having to stop what you are doing to care of your little one’s needs?

What Makes a Nursing Wrap Better?

When most parents think of a baby carrier, they most often envision a stiff carrier that can be used in multiple positions. They are the most popular for many parents. However, for nursing, you may not feel comfortable having your little princess sit frog-legged, and she may not be comfortable nursing in that way either. Many babies may have a difficult time latching on when they are straight up and down. That is why most moms and babies tend to assume what they feel is the nursing position. The football hold and having the baby lay across your belly or lap are often preferred ways to handle nursing. Typical carriers cannot hold them in the optimal position, even though they promise to allow you to nurse.

Boba Nursing WrapIf you choose a breastfeeding baby carrier, one that is designed specifically for moms who want to nurse; you will find many more options that are comfortable for both you and your little one. One great example is the Boba Baby Wrap because it is a wrap that fits around you and your bundle much the same as a shirt would. There are still leg holes for their feet, but it is adjustable enough that you can have them lie down a little more so that they have easy access to your breasts. If that is not the type of carrier that you or your baby feel comfortable with, you do have other options. Some are able to give more freedom when it comes to position and many parents feel that they are the best baby carrier for breastfeeding because of it.

Comfortable Baby Sling Plus Nursing Cover

Comfortable Baby Sling For NursingThis baby sling holds your little one in the most common nursing position and they will always feel comfortable and snug while inside. It features a strong buckle instead of a steel ring which may be found on other baby slings. It contains no dyes or anything that could be irritating to a newborn’s sensitive skin, yet it is strong enough to hold a child that is up to 30 pounds. More On Comfortable Baby Sling⇒

Baby Wrap Carrier Swaddle Blanket

Breastfeeding Swaddle slingThis infant carrier is designed for closeness and comfort, while remaining secure enough for you to go about your daily activities. It is made of a premium cotton that is easily washed and dried along with your baby’s other items. It is fully adjustable to ensure your comfort and the baby’s safety until they reach 20-25 pounds. More On Swaddle Blanket⇒

Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier

Mamaway Nursing Ring SlingThis is a ring sling that uses rings and Pima cotton to hold your baby close to you. The fact that it is a ring sling gives you the ability to cover your little one as much as you want to for more private moments or nap times and then you can pull it back to let them see when they are more awake. It also allows you to position them in a variety of positions including lying down, upright, on your hip or on your back, even if they are 35 pounds. More On Mamaway⇒