Best Baby Carrier for Dad

When it comes to babies and their carriers, daddies are often forgotten. There are a variety of colors and styles, as well as unique prints. The prints are often designed to be more of an accessory for moms on the go, but often it is not something that is “manly” enough for daddies. Luckily, there are a few baby carriers that can be worn by dads and not make them feel like less of a man when they wear them. This knowledge may make it a little easier for them to enjoy having cuddle time with their little one.

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What’s the Difference between Men and Women’s Carriers?

Not all men understand how great it is to baby wear. Perhaps the problem is more the type of carrier than actually carrying the baby, but either way, they are missing out on a great experience. That is why it is up to you to choose the best baby carrier for dad. Once you have it and get Dad to wear it, you will show him how much their life can be as well.

Beco Gemini Baby CarrierGenerally speaking, carriers are designed to be adjustable so that moms and dads can both have special bonding time with their infant, while dealing with their active lifestyle. However, most men do not want to deal with a frilly carrier that is complicated to put on. Often, they feel that the best dad baby carrier is the one that is solid colored, ideally black or grey, and one that clicks on simply. One such as the Gemini Performance baby carrier. It is a carrier designed by Beco Baby and it is a soft structured baby carrier that offers four positions for carrying. It is solid black, fully supports the baby, and the person wearing it. If you would like to read more about it, you can read our full review here⇒

There are some men who will wear a baby sling or a baby wrap, but most prefer to keep it simpler. One great feature for a man’s carrier is a pouch for them to store their cell phone or the baby’s pacifier. If you are interested in finding a baby carrier for men, perhaps you should also consider one of the following.

Mo+m Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier For DadThis is a soft structured, ergonomic sling that has mesh cooling vents. It is made by “Mothers on the Move” and it is preferred by most dads and grandpas as well as the women caregivers. You can use this carrier in three different positions including front carry, back carry, or hip carry. It has buckles to keep your baby securely inside, regardless of what your hands may be doing. It is recommended that infants be at least four months old or 12 pounds before you wear them in this carrier. The maximum weight is 36 pounds or around the time that your toddler will be 3-years-old. Read More Here⇒

Babybjorn Active Carrier

Baby Carrier For MenThis is a mesh baby carrier that is dark blue in color. It is ideal for any parent who wants to maintain their active lifestyle while comforting their little one. As a bonus, it features extra back support for the wearer and wider shoulder straps than most other baby carriers. It is designed in such a way that as your little one grows, the carrier can be adjusted to accommodate them. True to other Babybjorn products, this carrier is going to support your growing child in a very natural position where you will not have to worry about their spinal growth. It is a great carrier option for newborns who are at least 8 pounds and you can use it safely until your child reaches about 26 pounds. Read More Here⇒

Boba Air Baby Carrier

Dad Baby Carrier This is a very light and versatile baby carrier. With it you can carry your bundle on your chest or on your back. It is designed for older babies who are between 15 and 45 pounds. It stores easily when not in use thanks to its ability to become its own case. You simply have to fold it, zip it, and store it where you want it. This is ideal for parents who want to use it when they are running errands in town. For young children, there is a sleeping hood for them to use. It stores easily inside a pocket when not in use. It is made with 100% pure nylon and provides ergonomic support for both parents and children. Read More Here⇒