Best Baby Carrier For Newborn

Every parent knows that when it comes to newborn babies, you should never choose a product that is less than perfect, especially when it comes to baby carriers. Baby wearing is a special way to bond with your newborn while you go about the day-to-day tasks. However, if you choose a baby carrier that you are not comfortable with, you may add more stress to your life than you need especially with a new infant to care for. That is why it is very important to choose only the best baby carrier for newborns.

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Do Newborns Need Special Carriers?

When it comes to choosing a newborn baby carrier, there is a right style. Newborns are not able to support their body weight or hold their heads upright. Therefore, it is important that you choose a carrier that fully supports their body. The front of their body should be comforted by your chest and their developing spine should be supported from the backside. However, it should also be made of a material that does not make the infant, or carrier too hot, and should be breathable.

What Matters Most with Newborn Carriers?

Regardless of what parents want out of a baby carrier when they first begin looking at carriers for their tiny bundle the question always remains, is it safe? Any new parent who has never attempted to baby wear before will want to know that their infant is safe when inside of the carrier. They want to know that the baby is not going to slip out, that their back and head is supported, and that the carrier is easy to adjust so that the other parent or caregivers can wear it as well.

Luckily there are two newborn carriers that seem to meet all parents’ ideas of safe support for their newborn. They include the very popular Mei Tai infant carrier and the Baby Bjorn infant carrier. Here is why parents love them.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai

Mei Tai Baby CarrierThis carrier holds and supports a growing infant in a natural seated position while remaining flexible and comfortable. It also features a detachable hood to give your newborn privacy for nursing or as a block so that they sun does not hurt their eyes when you are outdoors. Parents also enjoy that it has lumbar support and extra wide padded shoulder straps so that they do not feel pressure while carrying their newborn. Read our full Sash Mei Tai Review Here⇒


BabyBjorn Baby CarrierThis baby carrier is great because it easily adjusts to fit multiple parents. It is great for newborns and older babies so that you do not have to worry about making other purchases as your little one grows. It holds your infant in a naturally seated position and even has an adjustable head support for newborns. As your little one grows and becomes more able to hold its own head up, you can turn them so that they are able to look at the world around them until they become tired and then turn them back to lay on your chest. Read our full Babybjorn Review Here⇒


What Age Should Babies Go To a Bigger Carrier?

Most newborn carriers are recommended for infants who are unable to hold their head steady. When your little one is able to support themselves, at around 6 months old, they can move up to a larger infant carrier. However, there are some carriers that work with both newborns and older babies. The weight limit on them are up to 25 pounds in most cases.