Best Hiking Baby Carrier & Backpack Review

Do you love the outdoors? Is hiking or camping a favorite pastime for your family during the summer months? If so, perhaps you may want to consider a baby hiking carrier for those times instead of a more traditional baby carrier style. Most parents agree that they are the only way to go for parents who have a more active, outdoor lifestyle.

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Why Choose Hiking Carriers Over Regular Baby Carriers and Slings?

Traditional baby carriers and slings are an ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy baby wearing. They are designed to be light weight and in most cases, they are suitable from newborn sized babies up to around 35 pounds. Slings are a simple piece of fabric that you tie over a shoulder. Carriers have buckles to ensure a proper fit and most enable you to wear your baby in a variety of positions.
The baby hiking backpack is a baby carrier that is heavier duty. It combines aluminum and fabric with padding to ensure comfort and durability. They are most suitable for babies who are already able to hold their head up and sit unassisted. It is made to have children ride on your back. They have extra storage compartments to work as not only a carrier, but a backpack.

Great Hiking Baby Carrier Features

The features that most people like when it comes to a hiking carrier include things that keep their baby and themselves most comfortable. You will want a carrier that is breathable to keep you both cool. You may also want padding and most will come with a sunshade to protect your infants more delicate skin.
Some of the best hiking carriers are freestanding. This is a feature that will make it easier to put your child into it and make it easier for you to set your child down without waking them at the end of your hike. Storage is also a major feature for some parents who want to be able to hold many things to help out their hiking partner.

To choose the best for you, you will need to consider the features of all hiking carriers and discover the ones you like the most. To help you narrow it down, here are a few options for you to consider. These have all earned approval from other parents.

Best Hiking Baby Carrier & Backpack Review

Osprey Packs Poco-Plus

Osprey Hiking Baby CarrierThis nylon baby carrier is designed to give the hiking family a hands free way to carry their young children. It features an adjustable shoulder harness, a hip belt that extends, and plenty of storage. You can wash it or wipe it clean after your adventures. To do so, simply unhook it from the frame.

The parts of the backpack that come in contact with you and your child are fully padded to ensure comfort, no matter where your hike takes you. Your child will also enjoy the fact that there is a sunshade that can be attached to keep them cool from above while mesh keeps them cool around the sides and back. The storage areas include a cell phone pocket that is on your shoulder strap, mesh pockets for toys, and a zippered compartment on the bottom for diapers and other necessities. The frame is aluminum to keep the weight down and there is a lifetime warranty against defects. Osprey Poco Pricing Here⇒

Kelty Journey 2.0

Kelty Journey Hiking Baby CarrierThe Kelty 2.0 is designed in a way that makes it easy for both moms and dads to use thanks to the sliding waist belt. It is also a favorite of people who enjoy hiking with a baby because of all that it does to keep them safe and comfortable. It has a 5 point harness, a padded adjustable seat, and a kickstand which automatically drops down when you need it. It has storage areas in the front and under the seat, a hydration ready compartment, and a chin pad as well as a sun shade. All parts of it can be washed with ease. Kelty Journey Pricing Here⇒

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0

Kelty Pathfinder Hiking Baby CarrierThe Kelty baby hiking backpack is one of the most popular available. The 3.0 is one of its newest additions to the product line. It is made with polyester materials and an aluminum frame. It also comes with everything a parent could need while hiking with a young child, including a zip off pack, diaper changing pad, storage under the seat, and a hydration ready compartment. A five point harness keeps your little one safe and the comfortable seat ensures he is always ready for adventures while hiking. It also has the patented auto-deploy kickstand that other Kelty backpacks have and the easy wash-ability. Kelty Pathfinder Pricing Here⇒

Deurter Kid Comfort III

Deuter Kid Comfort Hiking CarrierThis baby carrier for hiking is one of Deurter’s most comfortable. It is the deluxe edition and has pivoting Vari Flex hip fins to ensure when you are carrying heavy loads, it does not get uncomfortable. It is also designed to follow every move you make to help you move freely. You will also not feel pain in your shoulders thanks to a 3D mesh lining. It has a foam backing that is breathable to keep your child cool as well as a sunroof to protect their delicate skin. You also have plenty of storage. There are zippered pockets, un-zippered pockets, a hydration system and an optional rain cover. For you there is also a hip pocket and a rear view mirror inside it. There is also a reflective loop to hold a safety light, a teddy, and other features. Deurter Pricing Here⇒

Chicco Smart Support Backpack

Chico Smart Hiking BackpackThis hiking baby carrier is ideal for babies and toddlers between approximately 6 and 36 months. It has padded straps and lumbar padding to help you stay comfortable. It also allows air to get to your back so that you stay cool. The seat for your growing child is adjustable in height to keep your child supported. It has a sunshade to help them stay cool. The frame is aluminum and allows you to set it down as a freestanding chair when it is time to take a break. For many, this is one of the finest features and makes it the best baby carrier for hiking. Read More Here⇒

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