Camo Baby Carrier & Gear


It used to be that camouflage was popular mostly in the southern states where hunting was most popular. Nowadays, though, it is cool for people in every part of the world to wear it and it does not matter whether you are male or female, 2 years old or 52. Parents who love camo are even joining in on the fun by putting their children in camouflage carriers. It does not matter whether you like a deep dark camouflage color or you prefer the lighter colors that is also commonly used. There is a color that will work for you and your personal preferences.

Make a Fashion Statement

You can now choose fashion and function over plain and boring when you have a little one. The camouflage baby carrier makes it possible and parents are taking advantage of it to the fullest. Can you think of a reason for you to not take it camo? If you are ready to explore your options and consider going camo with your new baby; you should take a look at the popular baby carrier choices below. They are popular with parents who want something unique and they are praised because of their comfort for both babies and parents.

Deercon Adjustable Infant Baby Carrier Sling

Deer Con Camo Baby CarrierThe Deercon features a rider comfort backpack. It is designed for babies and toddlers that are between 3-36 months. It is made of cotton and features a hood to keep your baby cooler and very comfortable. It is designed to look stylish on you and your child while you are enjoying the great outdoors with them. More On Deercon⇒

Karibu PM3350 Comfortable Cotton Hip Seat Carrier

Karibu Camo Baby GearThis carrier will work in the face out, face in, or hip seat carrying positions. However, in all three positions, most of the baby’s weight will be situated to one side for your comfort. It should not be used by children that are larger than 44 pounds. More On Karibu⇒

Hava Sport Baby Sling

Camo Baby Wrap Ring SlingThe Hava Sport baby sling is great for a large variety of people. It is feminine enough to be an accessory in a nursery that is done in pink camo baby decor. It is ideal for little girls and little girls. It is even more ideal for the parents. It is also very affordable for their pockets as well. More On Hava Sport⇒