Front Facing Baby Carrier Reviews

As with all things designed for babies, many moms think front facing baby carriers are a blessing while others are not convinced. Deciding whether it is a good option for you and your bundle of joy is a decision that only the two of you can make. With that in mind, here are some front facing baby carrier reviews for you to consider so that you can make a very informed decision on what may be right or wrong for you.

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Is a Front Facing Carrier Right For You?

Not many carriers on the market will give you the option to carry in the front facing position. However, they can be a good way for your little one to see the world around them. More active babies, even at a young age, want to look out into the world around them when they are awake.

The downside to a specifically designed front facing baby carrier is because often a baby will become over stimulated by their surroundings. If your little one becomes over stimulated he may start trying to look away from his surroundings, close his eyes, try to suckle on his hands and fingers to calm himself, and become very fussy. If ignored during distress your baby may withdraw or mentally retreat away from whatever is “too much”. This is not something most parents want for their little ones.

Whether it is right for you and your infant or not, should be based on both of your needs. If he is quickly overwhelmed by his environment, you may want to stick with a carrier that supports him while he is facing toward you. If your baby does not seem bothered by constant stimulation, you can give it a try to see if he enjoys it. Only you know what is best for your baby in this situation.

What Experts Say About Front Facing Carriers

Most experts say that front facing carriers are fine as long as you do not carry your child in this way at all time. They say that to constantly wear your baby in a forward facing position will be bad for both you and your infant. The reason for this is because your spine needs support and so does your baby’s.

When you carry an infant in a front facing carrier, they will naturally lean away from you. To compensate you will arch your back to work as a counterbalance. This will put a lot of pressure on your lower back and potentially cause you some pretty rough backaches, even if you attempt to hold their legs to push them closer to your chest.

Babies who are in a forward facing carrier will have the same problem. They will instinctively try to arch backward toward you. This can cause their spine to become sore and over long periods of time can affect the way they walk and how their spine develops. It may also cause them to be tender in the groin area and have chaffing on their inner legs because of the thinner crotch design of front facing carriers when combined with virtually no leg support for them.

Backpack carriers, hiking carriers, and other infant carriers all support the growing baby’s spine and hold your baby in a more natural position for both of you. Even the carriers that appear to let your little one’s legs hang, are still more preferable to many since your baby can curl them against you if needed.

It is recommended that you wait until your little one has some control over her head before you use the front facing out position carriers. This position will make it harder for your baby to breathe if they have their head on their chin and you may or may not be able to tell that there is a problem as quick as you would when they are facing toward you.

With all of this though, many experts agree that the best front facing baby carrier is the one that allows you a variety of positions. Front facing carriers are great, but should not be worn over long periods of time or when your little one is ready for a nap. To help you choose the right option for you and your infant, they recommend you do your research and check out several types of carriers. Below are some of other parents’ most favorite options.

Bebamour Designer Sling and Baby Carrier

Bebamour Outward Facing Baby CarrierThis 2 in 1 baby carrier sling is made using 100% polyester. It is breathable thanks to a cotton feel that will ensure your baby’s comfort. It also has a very large waistband to keep you comfortable. It is ergonomically designed as a Hipseat and works well with babies who are between 3-36 months. They should not use it if they are above 19.9 kg. It has a lifetime guarantee to ensure your total satisfaction with it and allows you to carry your baby front facing, on your back, facing in toward your chest, and both facing in or out using the hip seat carrier. 2-in-1 Pricing Here


Six-Position 360 by Lillebaby

6 in 1 baby carrierThis carrier promises complete airflow to ensure comfort for your little one. It has a 3D mesh construction that provides temperature control for you both. Because it is part of the COMPLETE design series, it offers more carrying positions than other carriers at six total positions for you and your baby to enjoy. These positions include hip carry, front, back, in and out positions on all, and you can even carry your newborn in the fetal position without using an infant insert. It provides ergonomic support for yourself and your growing child as they enter into toddlerhood and reach 45 pounds. 360 Pricing here

Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Forward Facing CarrierThis baby carrier offers parents 5 different carrying positions for your comfort and your child’s. It is new from Brighter Elements and made using 100% cotton. It has a detachable sleeping hood and a spacious storage pouch. With it, you can carry your child on your back, in the kangaroo position, on your hip in two positions, and as a front facing carrier. No matter which position you choose, you will never have to deal with back, hip, or shoulder pain. It is designed to carry infants and toddlers who are 13 to 44 pounds and it comes with a complete no hassle guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied, you get your money back. Brighter Elements Pricing here


Langforth Baby Carrier

Langforth CarrierThis backpack offers 5 carrying positions for your little one. You can carry them on your hips, your back, your chest, and in the kangaroo carrying position, whichever one you and your child prefers. In the kangaroo position, you can carry the baby facing in or out. It is designed for infants who are between 7.9 and 26.4 pounds. It has a detachable hood and has a detachable PE board so that your baby is supported in every way when inside the carrier. This carrier can also support your back so that it will not hurt you, even after several hours of carrying the baby. It has a one year warranty. Langforth Pricing here


Front Carry Inward Facing Options:

Infantino Flip Front 2 Back

Infantino Front Flip CarrierThis carrier offers three positioning options for your little one and you. With it you have the option to use it with the baby facing in toward you during cuddle times, facing out from you or on your back, both of which are great when your little one wants to explore the world. It is cool, thanks to BreatheMesh, has adjustable lumbar supports for you, and padded straps to relieve the pressure on your shoulders. For baby, there is also padding to keep them comfortable regardless of which position they are in. Read More Here⇒


Ergobaby 360

ErgoBaby 360 Front Baby Carrier Even when using the Ergo Baby carrier front facing position your infant’s spine will stay curved in a natural “C” position. It has a bucket style seat that keeps knees even with or slightly above the baby’s hips. It is adjustable to grow with your infant and comfortable for you both thanks to all of its padding. It can be used in four different ways, including backpack, cuddle time, hip time and of course outward facing. It is a favorite of parents who want options for their growing bundle. Read More Here⇒


Infantino Breathe

Infantino Front Facing CarrierThis is one of the cheapest baby carriers available. It offers two carry positions, either front facing you, or front facing outward. It has side openings to help you get the baby in and out of it, padded straps for your shoulders, and a comfortable area for your little one to sit until they are approximately 25 pounds. Read More Here⇒




BabyBjorn Miracle

BabyBjorn Miracle Front CarrierThis carrier can be used from newborn through about the 15 month old mark. It is pediatrician approved for babies and comfortable for both parents as well as the tiniest infant. The crotch area is padded and suitable for either position due to the way it is tapered down. It is also breathable so that neither you nor your child get too hot while wearing it. Read More Here⇒


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