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Although all new parents are very excited to carry their newborn around as much as possible, it can soon lead to health issues of the caregiver. This can put a damper on the new parent’s joy because they soon start experiencing backaches and shoulder pains. Therefore, there are baby carriers which can help you get through those baby days when it seems like all your little one does is want more cuddles. The catch then becomes choosing which is the easiest baby carrier to put on and whether it is really the best for your child.Holiday Sales

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What Style Baby Carrier Is Best?

When it comes to choosing a carrier, you will be faced with many options, especially when your child reaches toddlerhood and are able to hold their heads up without you having to worry about them. Deciding which one you want to use is a choice that only you can make. You should do this by considering all of your options.
There are front-facing carriers, which many people feel are a great option, while others say that a young child may become overwhelmed by all that is going on if they must face outward in the carrier. The best part about these is that they do offer a lot of support for the one carrying the child. Shoulders are padded and their basic design makes them easy to wear. A backpack carrier puts the child on your back. They will not become overwhelmed and it is relatively comfortable for most parents as long as you do not have back issues. The hipseat carrier is great for most parents and their child. It allows the child to feel warmth when it is cold and have the comfort of knowing their parent or caregiver is right there.

Which Carrier Is Best for Your Back?

As long as you stay away from the backpack carrier, you should be able to wear the other types with relative comfort. However, a front facing carrier will put pressure on your shoulders, which may cause pain for many people. That is why many people say that the best baby carrier for bad back is the hip baby carrier.

Why Many Choose a Hip Seat Carrier

When you have a toddler side carrier, your toddler will be supported on your hip and waist area as opposed to your shoulders or back. It does not cause you to hunch forward like the forward facing carriers may and there is no heavy backpack forcing your back to stay straight or slightly bent backward. To see other advantages, you may want to take a look at one of the most popular baby hip carriers.

Yokohama Hip Seat Carrier
Yokohama Baby Hip Seat CarrierThis hip carrier fully supports a child’s spine and yours. There is an included head cover so that you can protect your child from the wind or the sun, but it is designed to keep your child cool. It can be used with infants from four months old and toddlers up to 45 pounds. Yokohama Pricing ⇒


Bebamour Comfort w/ Hood
Bebamour Hip Seat Baby CarrierThis comfortable baby wrap has a hood that is detachable and it can be worn in five positions. This makes it the only carrier you will ever need as long as your child is between 3 and 36 months old. It is easy to put on. Bebamour Pricing ⇒


ERGObaby Four Position 360
Ergo Baby Best Carrier For Bad BackThis carrier can hold any infant or toddler that is between 7 and 33 pounds. It allows you to hold your infant in a frontal position and then it changes as your needs do. You can wear it on your back and hip as well as have the curious infant facing outward from your chest. ErgoBaby Hipseat pricing⇒


OrangeTag Hip Seat Hugger Carrier
Hipseat Baby CarrierThis hip hugger baby carrier is perhaps one of the easiest to get on. You can put it on you and your child within just a few seconds because there are no buckles to deal with. It is comfortable for both parents and toddlers who are over 10 months old. It is recommended for kids from 22 to 36 pounds. OrangeTag Pricing ⇒


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