Toddler Harness Backpack

It can be a real chore trying to keep up with a curious toddler who is excited to explore the world around them. That is why many people choose to keep toddlers in a carrier. Your child will have the ability to look around and point out things that are of interest to them, but you can decide what you actually allow them to come into contact with. The thing is, toddlers are not easy to carry at all times. Especially, if you are at a zoo or walking through a mall where there are endless things to capture their attention. During this time, you may feel that you need another option. This is where the toddler harness backpack comes in.

What is a Toddler Harness Backpack?

Toddler Backpack HarnessA baby walking harness is a backpack that enables your child to walk around freely, within reason. They are only allowed to go a few feet away from you, but you do not have to ever feel as though your child will be uncomfortable. Most harnesses clip around the child’s chest so that it will stay on them, but it is not something that will be confining to wear. They are not carriers, which you have to carry, yet still enable you to keep up with your child.

Why Is A Toddler Safety Harness A Great Idea

By using a toddler safety harness, your child will be free to explore the world. If you go walking through the park and they see pretty flowers, they can go see it. If they find a dog that they want to pet, you can hold them back until you make sure it is safe for them to pet that puppy. Your child will get the exercise that they need and ultimately learn that they should stay near you rather than run off. It also gives parents peace of mind because you will not have to worry about your child becoming lost in a crowd.

Is It Wrong to Leash a Child?

A safety harness for toddlers may resemble a leash, but it is not a bad thing to use on children. It is purely a way to allow your child to explore the world while being protected by you. They are parent approved and enjoyable for everyone. There is no guilt or shame in keeping kids safe while allowing them to be kids. If you are still unsure, why not take a look at the reviews below? Perhaps then, you can see why parents love them.

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness

SkipHop Toddler Harness BackpackThis monkey backpack has a removable tether so that it can double as a real backpack for kids. They can carry along their favorite toy or a snack in the zippered compartment. The tether is approximately 27.5 inches long to give them the chance to explore while still being close to you. More On Skip Hop⇒


Yodo Upgraded Playful Kids

Yodo Backback HarnessThis is an insulated lunch box, toddler backpack, and safety harness all in one. You use it for anything you or your child needs on that particular outing. The cooler can keep drinks cool for up to 3 hours, making it great for holding snacks. It can carry toys and other items as well. More On Yodo⇒



Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

Brica By My Side Toddler HarnessThis safety harness is designed in the USA. It has a roomy compartment for your child’s treasures. The tether has shock absorbing features that reduce tension and improves comfort for your child. If you remove the tether, it is still a fully functioning backpack that kids will enjoy wearing to Grandma’s or anywhere else your adventures may take you. More On Brica⇒