What’s The Best Toddler Carrier?

Chances are great that if you enjoyed carrying your newborn in a baby carrier, you will also enjoy having that option as they grow into toddlerhood. It is a great way to ensure they do not get away from you and it also supports your growing child so that they do not weigh you down. If this sounds like your idea of perfect, why not read on to see what you may have been missing out on by not having the best toddler carrier around?

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Difference Between Carriers

When you first consider a carrier, it is important to realize that there are unique differences between an infant, baby, and toddler carrier. Typically, the infant carrier will be a cloth like carrier, that provides support for an infant that is not yet strong enough to support their own head or spine properly. They may provide privacy for a nursing infant and have other features that make you and your newborn comfortable. A baby carrier does about the same thing; however, it is designed to be worn by an infant who can hold up their own head consistently. The infant will still be supported, but they will also have the freedom to look at the world around them and watch what you are doing.

A toddler carrier offers features that make both mom and toddler more comfortable. There may be added support, but not the same type that you will find with an infant carrier. Some features of a toddler carrier may include giving you the option to carry your toddler on your back, front, or in the hip carry position that toddlers enjoy.

Weight Range for Toddler Carriers

With an infant or baby carrier, you often have a maximum weight limit of approximately 25 pounds. This may be more or less depending on the style you are using. Wraps may be able to hold less and other styles can typically hold more. However, they are not necessarily designed to hold kids that are over 12 to 18 months old. That is where the toddler carriers come in handy. Many of them can hold toddlers that are up to 45-50 pounds. This means that you can safely carry some 4-5-year-olds in their carrier and best of all, you can start using it when your child has their first birthday if you want to.

Can Baby Carriers Be Used with Toddlers?

There are some baby carriers that do have a higher weight limit. Some can be used until a child is around two-years-old, provided that both you and the child are comfortable. The main issue is that in most cases, a baby carrier is worn on the parent or caregivers belly and the toddler is facing your chest. This may not always be something that a curious toddler will enjoy. Your choice should be based on what you, and your little one, feel most comfortable with. No one can tell you how your toddler will feel in any one position or carrier. For that reason, here are some of the best toddler carriers, according to fellow moms and pediatricians.

Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Tula Ergonomic Toddler CarrierIf you are looking for an ergo carrier toddler, you may want to search for the toddler Tula for sale on Amazon or other websites. It can hold any toddler who is between 25-50 pounds. Pediatricians love it because it carries a growing toddler in the M-position seat to give them optimal support. Toddlers love it because it can be used on their caregiver’s front or back. Moms love it because it is easily washable and very easy to use as well as care for. More On Tula Ergonomic⇒

Beco Baby Carrier

Beco Toddler CarrierWith the Beco toddler carrier you can hold your child comfortably until they are approximately 60 pounds. This makes it one of the largest carriers available to parents. It features a high back so that your child will be able to sit in it over a longer period of time. It can be worn on your back or your chest. It does come with a hood to protect your toddler from the sun or other weather situations. More On Beco⇒

LILLEbaby 5 in 1 CarryOn

Lillebaby baby carrier for toddlerIf you want the best hip carrier for toddler style, you may want to consider this carrier. It provides all of the most popular carrying options and it can hold a toddler that is up to 60 pounds. It features a high back to support their body and it provides lumbar support for you. It also includes the removable hood and a few pockets for your convenience. More On Lillebaby⇒


Boba 4G

Boba 4G Toddler CarrierWhen it comes to a front carrier for toddler, many parents prefer a Boba. It can carry a child up to 48 months on either the parent’s front or back, depending on your toddler’s size. It also has an infant insert so that it can be used for newborns as well. It has foot straps and a hood to protect your little one at all times. This is a really popular baby carrier for dads making it that much more versatile. More On Boba 4G⇒

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