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In order to offer only the best, we have been very selective of the infant carriers we offer. We offer a diverse selection of various types of baby carriers that are fashionable and yet fit different people’s tastes, as fashion is so subjective. Those viewing on a mobile device may want to rotate to “Landscape Orientation” to view our full comparison table below. You’ll also find our Top Five Baby Carriers Below.

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Comparison of the Best Baby Carriers, Slings & Wraps

Baby CarrierRatingWeight CapacityPriceOur Review
Infantino Sash Mei TaiInfantino4.436lbs$Full Review
Baby K’tanBaby4.135lbs$$Full Review
Ergobaby OrganicErgobaby4.545lbs$$$$Full Review
Moby Wrap OriginalMoby4.135lbs$Full Review
Boba Baby WrapBoba4.335lbs$Full Review


Baby is happiest in your arms, snuggled close, yet you are being pulled in different directions, be it from other children, household work and daily errands; the solution is here at BabyCarrierPro.com, where convenience meets style.

Top 5 Baby Carriers

1. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

Mei Tai Baby CarrierThe Infantino Mei Tai carrier was created using a style that goes back hundreds of years to when Asian women would carry their little ones on their chest, back, and hip while they went throughout their daily routines. It was a relatively simple design at that time. Typically it was a larger square or rectangular fabric piece that had four ties, one on each corner.

The Infantino improved upon this basic design and created a carrier that is now considered one of the top sellers. It does so by offering a padded area for the child to sit, wide shoulder straps that are padded, a hood to protect your child from the sun as well as provide privacy for nursing. It is an affordable alternative to most carriers and still offers a variety of unique color styles for you to choose from. It can still hold a child who is nearing pre-school and gives you both the maximum amount of comfort and flexibility. It does it by adjusting naturally to your body and your child’s.

Due to the fact it is a sash, you can wear it and put the straps where you need them to give you support where you need it the most while baby wearing. However, this is not all the features it has and you can read more by looking at our full review here⇒

2. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan baby wrapThe Baby K’tan brand name of baby carriers was founded in 2007. The idea behind the company was to give parents who wanted to enjoy baby wearing, an easier way of doing it. The concept behind it was dreamt up by two unique couples who were each the parent of a child with special needs. The result is a combination of carriers and slings that were only the best features of other styles. This is why the Baby K’tan has received many awards including, the favorite of users and “Best Baby Carrier”.

The Baby K’tan is created to be simple to wear and put on. Its unique design allows the wearer, whether it is mom or dad, to be able to put it on like they would their normal shirt. It is made with all natural, baby-friendly fabrics and it can be worn from infant through toddler. It is priced for affordability and there are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. This makes it easy for both parents to bond with and carry their little one.

If you are interested in learning more about this life saving carrier, you can easily read our full review here⇒

3. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

BabyBjorn Baby CarrierWhen thinking about baby products, most parents want a company who has been in business for many years. That is why a lot of parents talk about the BabyBjorn brand of baby carriers. This company was first founded in 1961. They make a variety of baby products that are all designed to hold up against people’s daily lives and their child’s needs. They are made with 100% cotton, easy to close latches, and suitable for even small newborns.

It provides head support for newborns and support for your shoulders and back. It provides you and your child with options because you can use it the way you feel most comfortable. If your little one goes to sleep while you are carrying them, you simply unbuckle the clasp that holds it closed and then lay your little one down. It is one of the few carriers that allow parents to carry even in the frontal outward facing position.

When you want the best quality that you can get for your infant, why not choose the carrier that has already proven itself time and time again? You can read our full BabyBjorn Original Review Here⇒

4. Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier Review

With its many awards, including Mom’s Choice and Best Carrier is it any wonder that there is interest in the Ergobaby brand carriers? This is because they have been trying to make parents and babies’ lives easier for more than 20 years. As proof, their products are made with all natural organic materials that are safe for babies whether they are still in the newborn stage or already nearing toddlerhood and into the preschool years. You will even enjoy the amount of padding that is inside of each shoulder pad, around your waste, and of course, surrounding your little bundle.

The Ergobaby Organic baby carrier is easy to put on and take off. You simply use the many clips. All of them are located in easy to reach areas for parents. For instance, a clip on the back of the neck holds the shoulder straps in place, a clip on the waist holds it tight against your waist, and to complete the security, you simply need to pull it tight. When you are ready to find out what other people have to say about it, you can read our Full Ergobaby Organic Review Here⇒

5. Moby Wrap Original

Moby Wrap Original Baby WrapIn 2003, the Moby Wrap brand was created by parents who wanted to make baby wearing easier for other parents who wanted to give it a try. It is has received several awards and most parents consider it to be one of the best values on the market and perhaps most comfortable. It uses an infant’s center of gravity to keep the baby closer to you, while keeping them totally supported and comforted.

It is also designed in such a way that will distribute the weight of your baby evenly onto your shoulders and hips. Your back will never feel the strain of carrying your child, no matter how much you carry them around or how close they are to the maximum weight limit of 35 pounds.

To wear it, you simply put it on like you would your most favorite shirt. It will feel almost as comfortable as your favorite shirts as well. To discover more about the most popular brand of baby carrier, you can visit here for more information and our Full Product Review on the Moby Wrap Original Here⇒

Baby Carrier Purchasing Factors

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that a parent needs to, which is where baby slings come in handy. Baby sling carriers make life much easier for parents! The babies are thrilled, because an attached baby is a happy baby, and mom and dad are thrilled because they can get dinner made, dishes washed, homework checked, laundry done and take care of the other children too, while meeting the youngest baby’s needs for closeness! The activities that were stressful, because you had to juggle a baby and try to load the groceries or push an empty stroller, just got a whole lot easier!.

Babywearing is an age old child-rearing technique, that has been modernized with the trendy patterns offered at BabyCarrierPro.com.

Babies have a very deep, innate drive to be close to their mom. Dad, other relatives or child care providers can use a baby sling from BabyCarrierPro.com for this purpose as well.

It’s easy to notice how incredibly relaxed and content an in-arms baby is. Some parents worry about “spoiling” their baby by holding him as much as he wants. To the contrary, this is a time of rapid development and it is very important for babies to learn that their parents, including the specific need to be close to mom and dad, will meet their needs. Spoiling is done with material items; you can never spoil your baby with too much love and nurturing. A baby sling carrier is a must-have for every new mom and dad!

Your baby complains when you put him down, because he is reacting to and communicating his intense need to be kept very close to you, especially before he is able to keep up with you on his own.

How to make this work, in our modern world of deadlines and a to-do list that never ends, is to use a baby sling carrier. A baby carrier enables you to wear your baby as you vacuum and mop the floors, do the laundry, wash dishes, prepare meals, interact with your other children, grocery shop, walk around the store, neighborhood or hiking trails.

You will be amazed at how much easier it is to just “get stuff done” when you wear your baby in an infant carrier.

Your baby will be happy to be involved in your activities, and keeping baby up by your head benefits him socially as well as verbally, since he will get more direct interaction from both you and others solely because of his location up by your face.

Infant carriers come in even handier, in my opinion, from toddler age on because your toddler wants to explore for a while and then wants ”up-up” for a little bit. I don’t know about you, but my arm starts getting numb after 5-10 minutes of carrying around a 25-35 pounder. With a baby sling you just pop your toddler on your hip and keep doing what you were doing!

Your baby will indeed let you know when he wants to be put down, and this typically is at the time when he are learning to crawl and explore the surroundings more, while continuously checking back in with mom. Baby carriers offer the convenience of hands-free carrying and nursing. We are parents too, so we know just how incredibly busy moms and dads are!