Baby Bjorn One Review

When it comes to choosing a baby carrier, most parents are very particular about the requirements they want from it. Parents want it to be able to hold a baby as it grows. They want for it to support their growing baby and themselves. Lastly, most parents want it to be easy and versatile. The BabyBjorn Original is one of the most popular baby carriers on the market, but many feel that they have outdone themselves with their newest baby carrier. Read the Baby Bjorn One review to find out why….

Baby Bjorn One Review

What Makes The Baby Bjorn One Great?

One of the best features of the BabyBjorn One is that it gives you four carry positions and can hold a little one safely from the time they are 8 pounds until they are 33 pounds. This gives you more options than the Babybjorn Original, which only offers front carrying options for you.

Baby Bjorn BacksideIt has padding where you need it the most, on your shoulders and around your waist. This ergonomic design relieves any pressure that your growing child may put on you.

This carrier has snaps everywhere on it to help you get your baby in and out of it safely and without waking them up if they are asleep. These buckles also make it easy for parents to get their kids in and out without having help from others.

What’s This Baby Bjorn Made Of?

This carrier is made of Baby Bjorn One mesh fabric. It is made using a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, but there are little vent holes to help ensure you and your little one stay cool and comfortable. This makes it 100% safe for your little one to chew on or lick, while also ensuring that your baby is surrounded by a soft, very strong material that is durable enough to handle whatever your child does inside. It also ensures that you do not feel weighed down when you are carrying it. This carrier only weighs 2 pounds.

Why Parents Love Baby Bjorn One

Baby Bjorn One Reviews

As you read one Babybjorn One carrier review after another, you will quickly see that most people love the One. They love having the extra carrying positions, how easy it is to put on and use, and that it allows them to carry their little one from birth through about 3 years old. Most parents agree that they, as well as the baby they carry inside of it, love everything about it.

However, there are some parents who feel the buckles are a little awkward to use when you first purchase the One. They feel that the buckles on the Original are better. There are also some who mention the fact that there are no hidden areas for you to carry around keys or cash. In most cases, these minor drawbacks are not enough to prevent people from loving the Baby Bjorn One. The One is also available in a variety of colors. Check Colors and Parent Reviews Here⇒