Baby Bjorn Vs Ergo

It is not an easy decision to make when you have a new baby and want to have a carrier that is perfect for them. The truth is, perfection is negotiable for each parent and each baby. Just because one is ideal for one person, does not mean that every parent will love that baby carrier. There are many features to consider and of course, you want comfort for both yourself and your baby. When you take a look at both the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo, two of the most popular carriers available, you will notice a variety of similarities and differences. Which one will you prefer or will you choose to go with something else?Ergo Baby Vs Baby Bjorn

Which is Higher Rated, Baby Bjorn or Ergo?

Ergo Baby Vs Baby Bjorn Carrier

Ergo Baby

As far as ratings go in the battle between Ergo Vs Baby Bjorn, the Ergobaby wins hands down. The Ergo Baby has a rating of 4.6 stars with over 500 parent reviews. BABYBJORN has only 4.2 stars and 400 customer reviews.



Which One Has the Best Features?

Baby Bjorn Carry Position


For the most part, the battle of Baby Bjorn vs Ergo shows that features are practically the same for both carriers. The Ergo baby holds your little one in the frog-leg position and is usable for babies from birth until 36 pounds. The Baby Bjorn is usable for toddlers up to 33 pounds, so they are comparable. The one reason that some parents feel the Baby Bjorn is best, is the fact that it is made using Oeko-Tex standard. This is a material that is safe to chew on and perfect for a baby’s delicate skin. This is not to say that the Ergo is not safe, but it is a personal preference thing for some parents. However, if you want a lighter weight carrier, you will want the Ergo.

Ergo Baby vs Baby Bjorn Price

In the debate over Ergo Baby Vs Baby Bjorn, the price must also be considered in some families. This is because, as every new parent knows, babies are expensive. Both of these carriers are more expensive than other types of carriers. However, most carriers are not able to be used from newborn and up to toddler aged children. The Baby Bjorn is the cheaper of the two by around $35. For parents who are on a tight budget, this could make all the difference in which baby carrier option they decide to go with. For other parents, the fact that the Ergo is more expensive will be worth it since it is lighter by a few ounces. The one you choose may simply be based on the overall style. Both are guaranteed to be comfortable, but if possible, you may want to try them on before you buy, especially since they are both costly.