Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Review

One of the main reasons that parents love the Baby K’tan is the simple fact that it is a baby pouch sling that comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your body type as well as your baby. Most slings or other baby carriers are one size fits all and this leads to some people having the right amount of sling, while others end up with way too much material. It is made with 100% cotton for total breathability. You and your child will not be made hotter because of you wearing the sling.

baby k'tan carrier

Add to that the fact that it, unlike others, can support your child in up to 6 different positions, and you have something that is truly unique. You do not have to wrap yourself into it, you do not have plastic pieces to worry about poking your baby, and you will feel the weight of your child evenly distributed between both of your shoulders. In short, it is a baby sling that works more like a carrier, but without the clips and buckles.

Your child and you have the option to use it as a carrier from the time they are born right on up through the toddler years. It is safe to use until children reach 35 pounds. To further its usability, you can easily wash and dry it with your regular laundry.

It is also ideal for moms who want to nurse comfortably. Your child will have a more successful latch and you will always have privacy to nurse, even when you are in a more public area.

The K’tan is also recommended by lactation specialists, therapists, chiropractors and of course, it is pediatrician approved as well. The true question on the minds of most moms and dads though, is what other parents think of it. For that, you will have to read further into the baby carrier review.


What Parents Say about the K’tan

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Parents know what parents will love and most of the reviews point toward the K’tan being a wonderful investment. When compared to other types of baby sling carriers, most feel that it is as good as it gets. They enjoy the variety of positions, the variety of color choices, and that most of the colors are gender neutral, which means dads enjoy wearing it as well to hold their baby and toddlers. Some say that it is great sling up until the child is nearly ready for preschool.

Some parents do mention that it does stretch out if you have your child in it often. However, most admit that when you throw it into the washer and dryer, it will reshape itself and shrink back down to where it is usable again.

Overall Baby K’tan Review

The K’tan baby carrier sling seems to be a wise investment, according to most of the reviews. For your convenience and due to the fact that there are different sizes available, there is a sizing chart on the K’tan website for you to use when buying your new sling. It is there to make sure you do not have any problem carrying around your bundle of joy and it is all based on your weight and size. If you are pregnant, use your pre-baby weight to determine what size you need. Overall, anyone who wants a sling that is easy to use and comfortable, you should at least consider the K’tan and perhaps read more user reviews=>