Baby K’tan Carrying Positions

A baby carrier is supposed to ensure that you and your baby have comfort and contact throughout the day while you go about your normal routines. There are many benefits of baby wearing and a carrier is designed to help you with bonding and giving your baby the close contact that they need to sleep, play, and grow. For that reason, many people prefer the Baby K’tan. They are comfortable, allow your little one to relax or explore, and you can carry them with you from infancy through the toddler years. Chances are good, both you and your little one will each discover your most favorite positions, but you will have to give it a try to find what makes you the most comfortable.

How Many Different Positions Will You Discover?

When you first decide that you want to see the benefits of wearing your baby will be, you will most likely want to explore all of your options by reading reviews and trying to find the best carrier for you. There are hard carriers, soft carriers, and wraps and they all offer unique positions and supports for you and your little one.

Baby K'tan WrapThe Baby K’tan positions are numerous. It offers you the option to carry your infant tightly against your chest. As your child grows, you can turn your little one to face out into the world, turn them to the side so they can sit against you, or wear them on your side in the hip position. The possibilities are endless and it is guaranteed that you and your baby will both discover one that you love.

Are Some Carrying Positions Better Than Others?

All positions with the Baby K’tan are safe for you and your child. However, you do need to keep in mind what positions your baby is ready for. A newborn who is unable to support their head and neck will benefit most by positions that allow them to rest against you without the head bobble. Once your little one is about 4-5 months old and they have more control over their spine and neck, you can explore other positions. Typically, parents wait for the hip carrying position until their little one has total control over their body. This position often requires having a child that can stand on their own or walk around. Below is a tutorial on the many carrying positions offered by Baby K’tan.

Do Other Carriers Offer the Variety?

If you look at how to use a Boba Wrap, Moby Wrap, or other types of carriers, you will see that they are able to provide many positions, but they are not always able to provide the versatility that the Baby K’tan does. This is because the Baby K’tan offers not only the double ring wrap, but a sash. To see the baby wrap how to for the Baby K’tan, you can look at the video or read more about it by visiting our full review which is located here =>