Boba Air Carrier Reviews

There are several options available, especially when it comes to baby carriers, and each one promises to be “Mommy’s Best Friend”. One of the most popular brands is Boba. They are durable and promise to be well worth the money, but some parents wish that it was just a little better. That is why you now have the 4G, the upgraded Boba Air. Which is best for your needs? Read our Boba Air Carrier reviews to find out.

Features of the Boba Air Carrier

Boba Air 3G Carrier

This is a very lightweight carrier that weighs in at only 0.7 ounces. This means that you hardly carry any extra weight around.

It allows carrying your child in front or back carry positions, depending on their size. Once your child is more than 25 pounds and able to hold their head up you can wear them on your back. You can use this carrier until your child is up to 45 pounds.

This carrier style has adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate a parent that is between 5ft and 6ft3in. Its waist belt can fit a person who is between 25-40in. This makes it wearable by most parents.

It comes with a sleeping hood that can tuck away when not in use and features a high rise safety supports to keep growing babies more comfortable. This also provides nursing mom’s privacy.

Why Consider the 4G?

Boba Air 4G Carrier

Boba Air 4G Carrier

Many parents wonder why they should upgrade from the Boba air carrier 3G to the 4G or if it is a worthwhile investment. One of the biggest reasons you may choose to upgrade is that the 4G is usable by infants who weigh 7 pounds rather than the 3G’s 15lb requirement. It has an integrated infant insert that gives you two positions to choose from. However, according to Boba, the 3G can be used by infants as well by simply snap up the waist belt to shorten the body of the carrier. You then need to switch the buckles so that they will buckle properly. Beyond that, these two carriers are practically the same. They are both lightweight, but the 4G is heavier at 2lbs. They are both designed to carry in either front or back carrying positions. You can use it as a front carrier up to 25 pounds and then switch to carrying your toddler on your back until they are 45 pounds. The 4G has a removable sleeping hood and foot straps.

What Do Parents Say About the Boba Air?

Boba 4G Mom Wearing

Boba Air 4G Carrier

All of the Boba Air owner reviews are favorable and show that it is definitely a great carrier to own, whether you have the 3G or 4G model. The 3G has an average rating of 4.2-stars and the 4G has a slightly higher rating of 4.5-stars. Only one parent says that their baby is uncomfortable in the 4G, and state that it is because they are stuck sitting with their legs in the carrier until around 6 months. This is not a problem that most parents mention. The same complaint is mentioned on the 3G, where one parent says that it is not designed for shorter children.

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