Boba Baby Wrap Review

The Boba baby carrier is made with 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex. This increases its comfort and breathability for both you and your child. It also allows you to machine wash it without you having to worry about damage to the material. It is also this material combination that keeps it very lightweight. Total it only weighs only one pound when you first put it on.

Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier

Your little one, as long as they are between newborn sized and 35 pounds or about 18 months old, can be held securely by this baby carrier while you go about your daily routine, using your hands. You will even be able to nurse your baby while they are inside of this baby carrier.

boba baby wrap review

The Boba Wrap newborn is free of all snaps, buckles and straps, much like the Moby Wrap. You simply have to tie it around you so that it fits tight against your body and then you can put your baby inside of it. You can put them facing your chest or outward looking into the world. The only true rule of thumb here may be that you should not have your child face out from you until they are able to hold their head steady. It is also one size fits all to ensure that no matter what your body type is, you will be able to use it.

It is a great bonding experience that will relax your little one, even during their crankiest times. It has been shown that when a mother carries her child or the child is embraced by their dad throughout the day, they will cry less, nap longer, and be overall healthier than babies who were not held frequently.

What Other Parents Think Of The Boba Baby Wrap 


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With some wraps, parents feel that they are difficult to use until you get used to putting them on. According to the Boba carrier reviews, it is relatively easy to manage even if you have never tried to use one before. Of course, with that, there are some people who do not feel that it is easy the first time, but with a little practice, it is very simple to put on without the help of another person.

Most parents, whether it is easy or difficult at first to use, say that it is a wonderful wrap and that they are glad they have it. They talk highly about the fact that it does make their life easier to handle and that their infant loves being inside of it.

Of the people who do not like it, most of them say that it is too long for them to use comfortably. They trip over its ends while trying to wrap it around themselves. A few point out that it is just fabric and if you wanted, you could easily buy the material to make it yourself.

Is The Boba Worth it?

Most people give it a 5 star rating. If you want an alternative that is slightly more cost effective than some of the other wraps and carriers, the Boba Baby Wrap reviews point toward this being a great option for most parents. If you feel that it is too long as some of the other people keep in mind that it is one size fits all body types. You could easily trim the ends if you didn’t want to make your own wrap by starting out from scratch with a piece of fabric and then cutting it down to the right size for you and your constantly growing toddler. Read More Boba Reviews⇒