Catbird Baby Mei Tai & Pikkolo Review

Catbird Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Catbird Baby Mei Tai

One name brand that is rapidly gaining popularity because many parents say that it does give you all that you could possibly need in a carrier is the Catbird. The Catbird Baby brand is a name that people are starting to love and here is why according to our Catbird Baby Mei Tai and Pikkolo review.

Features of the Catbird Baby Carriers

One of the first things you will notice with a CatbirdBaby brand carrier is that they are made using only certified organic cotton around where your little one will sit. The only other material used is in the straps which are still made of cotton, but it does also include 13% polyester. This will prevent shrinking when you have to clean it. All elastic in this carrier is polyester as well.

Pikkolo Toddler Carrier

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier

The Catbird Baby Mei Tai is designed for newborns and toddlers that are between 8 and 35 pounds. If you choose to go with the Catbird Pikkolo, you can safely use it until your little one reaches 40 pounds.

With this carrier, you do not have to worry about infant inserts to keep your newborn safe inside. The design of it eliminates that unnecessary burden.

Both the Catbird Baby Mai Tai and the Catbird Baby Pikkolo carrier offer several ways for you to carry your child. You can choose to carry your little one face in or face out, as well as carry an older child on your hip or your back.

These carriers have extra wide padded shoulder straps. They do use memory foam padding to ensure you do not end up with sore spots when you are carrying a heavier child. They are also adjustable around the waist and base.

The Mei Tai has a hideaway hood as well as a headrest. The Pikkolo does not, but it still has an extra high back to give smaller children safety and toddlers comfort.

What Makes Catbird Mei Tai Special?

Pikkolo Metropolitan Baby Carrier

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier, Metropolitan Color

For many parents, buying a baby carrier for each stage of development gets expensive. With the Catbird Baby, you can make one affordable purchase and use it from the time that your newborn is born and on up until they are 3-4 years old. Considering all the other things that you will be buying during the early years, isn’t it nice to know you get a break when it comes to a carrier?

Which Will You Love the Most?

Pikkolo Baby Carrier Zephyr Color

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier, Zephyr Color

There are many parents who choose the Mei Tai, but many others prefer the Catbird Baby Pikkolo because it does have a slightly higher weight limit. This style also features a basic black colored baby carrier and a gray one, which many parents prefer. If you want a cuter design on your carrier, you may want to stick with the Mai Tai. More On Pikkolo Baby Carrier⇒