Chicco UltraSoft Baby Carrier Review

]Most parents like the idea of a carrier that is easy to put on and one that they trust to support the baby in every way. Chicco is well known for this and their newest addition is certainly making people take notice. Read our Chicco UltraSoft baby carrier review to find out why.

Chicco UltraSoft Features

Chicco Ultra SoftThis Chicco baby carrier is made of polyester and has an extra soft micro vented lighting for baby’s comfort. The padded straps are designed to not only be comfortable for the wearer, but to keep them cooler than other baby carriers available.

This carrier allows you to carry an infant in either the facing in or the facing out positions. Having them face toward you is best until they are old enough to support their own head and neck as well as sit up without assistance.

The baby carrier Chicco comes with a towel bib that snaps on to catch drool or spit ups. There is a cuddle pocket to promote bonding and it is completely adjustable around the waist to ensure your little one is supported completely.

You can use it safely with a baby that between 7.5 and 25 pounds. This means you can use it from newborn to a year or more. If you are worried about how well it will hold up to this extended use, you can rest assured that it is completely machine washable.Chicco UltraSoft Baby Carrier

UltraSoft Baby Carrier User Reviews

There are a few mixed opinions regarding the Chicco baby carrier reviews, but most parents seem to love it. They say that it is easy to clean and made of good quality materials. They feel that their little one is supported as well by this carrier as others. However, there are parents who say that it is difficult to get a baby in and out of the carrier and there are many who say that they feel that the back is too high for their newborn. Read More Parent Reviews⇒

Chicco Ultra Soft Baby Carrier Review

Is The Chicco UltraSoft Worth It?

Anytime that you are buying a carrier for your newborn, you need to expect that it will fit large at first. Most are designed to allow the child to grow into it. The Chicco infant carrier is one of those carriers. Since there are people who feel that the back is too high for their newborn, it does need to be mentioned and considered. It does seem to live up to the Chicco name brand quality and convenience, even if it is not a perfect fit for all parents. In short, if you are a fan of Chicco, you should keep it on the list of possibilities, but you may want to look at it before you purchase. More On Chicco UltraSoft⇒

UltraSoft Baby Carrier By Chicco