Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier Review

Choosing a carrier is not always easy. It is a huge decision. The carrier you choose needs to be comfortable for you to wear. It needs to be soft for the baby inside. It should be able to hold your baby from birth up until you feel confident that they are able to walk wherever you need to go. One of the most popular brands of baby carriers have created one that takes the standards of a carrier to a whole new level. When you are ready to discover all the benefits of it, simply read this Ergobaby Organic baby carrier review.

Ergobaby Organic Carrier

The Ergobaby Organic is made using only 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton materials on the outside and inside where the child sits is made of 100% organic cotton sateen. All padded areas use a high density PU foam that in some areas is up to one inch thick. The way the hood is designed and the material of it can protect your little one from the sun by providing a natural UPF of more than 50.

It is designed with comfort in mind for both the parent and the child. For the parent, there are supports that will distribute the child’s weight across both shoulders and hips. A child will enjoy the sleeping hood.

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This Ergobaby carrier can fit most body types. The waist is adjustable for between 26” and 55”. Shoulder straps adjust from 24” to 44”. You and your baby can use this carrier from the time they are newborn and through their toddler years. It is approved for newborns who weigh 7 pounds and the weight limit maximum is 45 pounds.

All materials used are able to be washed. Simply spot wash if it is only a little dirty or you can wash it on a gentle cycle. To dry, you have the option to dry it partially in the dryer or hang it up when it is washed. It is recommended that you do not wash frequently because this will damage the cotton material over time.

This Ergobaby performance carrier also gives you the freedom of versatility. With it you can hold an infant in the sling position or have them resting against your chest. With an infant or newborn you do need to use the Ergobaby infant insert until they are able to support themselves a little. From there, you have the option to continue letting them face you or put them on your hip in a normal carry position. As they continue to grow, you can use it as an Ergobaby backpack.

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Parents Talk about Choosing the Ergobaby Organic

Before you rush out to the first advertised Ergobaby sale you see, many parents want to know what others have to say about it. All over the internet, you will find reviews from parents. Not all of them are good, but most of them say that it is a true lifesaver in their home.

Some of the parents say that at first, their child did not seem happy, but when they changed positions it worked better for everyone. Most parents will say that no matter how large their child is, their back is comfortable when the child is being carried, even when their child is in the front where other carriers get heavier over time.

The main issue that parents seem to have with it is that it is not the most attractive thing to wear. It is a little bulky with all of the padding, but they are willing to sacrifice looks for effectiveness when their infant is fussy and wants to be held and cuddled throughout the day.

Ergo Baby Blue Baby Carrier

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Is The Ergobaby Organic Worth It?

Research has proven that babies who are held close throughout the day are in general, happier and healthier than babies who were left alone. It is the bonding that they need. They will also sleep easier through naps if they have the constant movement of you going about your day. Carriers make it easier to give your baby all that they need. If you want versatility, comfort, and a long life carrier, you will not go wrong considering the Ergobaby Organic baby carrier. The proof is found in the amount of time that Ergobaby has put into creating the perfect carrier for everyone. Read More Reviews Here⇒