Happy Wrap Baby Carrier Reviews

When it is time for you to choose a carrier for your newborn, you have a few choices that will work. One of them that parents prefer is the Happy Wrap baby carrier. What makes it special? Read our Happy Wrap baby carrier review to find out why parents are picking this carrier over others.

How the Happy Wrap Baby is Different

Happy Wrap Baby Carrier In TealThe Happy Wrap looks like the standard baby wrap or a ring sling type carrier, but they are different in many ways. One of the most noticeable is the fact that they are made with 95% Bamboo Viscose, which is a purely organic material that is cooler than all other types of fabric. This means that you can carry around your infant, even during the hottest days of summer and you will still be comfortable. It is also made in the USA and meets all of our requirements for infant safety and support.

Why Do People Love Happy Wrap Baby Carriers?

Happy Wrap Baby Carrier For DadsAs you look through the Happy Wrap owner reviews, you will find that most say that they love how thin it is in comparison to other wraps that they have tried. They say that it is cool to wear for both themselves and their little one, even if they live in the south where it is really hot. They like that there are many colors to choose from. Some parents prefer to choose darker colors because it will show less dirt, but it is a personal preference. These parents feel that the wrap supports their back because of its cross-over design, and they feel that the frog leg position that the baby assumes is also comfortable for their child.

How to Put On the Happy Wrap

Some parents do have trouble learning how to put on the happy baby wrap. That is why there are plenty of happy wrap instructions available, whether you want to watch it or read it. To give you a general idea of the steps you need to take to put it on, you should know that the first step is to find the center of the wrap. This is marked with a label and you will put that against your belly. From there, you cross them behind your back and bring them up over your shoulders. You then tuck the ends down between your shirt and the wrap part that is on your stomach. Pull firmly so that you can feel it is tight against your back and cross the ends one time. Wrap it back around your back, crossing again, and tie it in the front.HappyBabyWrap

Your baby needs to be put securely inside next. To do this, take the strap that goes across your chest, the one that is closest to your shirt, and put your little one’s leg into it. Adjust it so that the material is covering his bottom. Do the same with his other leg, tucking it into the other strap. This will ensure that his legs straddle your belly. The wrap will hold him snugly. You then pull the area of the wrap up and over his lower body to give your infant more support. More On Happy Baby Wraps⇒