How to Wear a Ring Sling & Reviews

Baby wearing is becoming more popular each year. It has already been proven that doing so can soothe a baby with colic and help them to bond with each parent. Infants who are “worn” are less fussy, nap easier, and just in general remain happy babies. It can also help them develop proper social skills. Because of the increase in popularity, there are a lot of different carrier styles available. One of the more popular is the ring sling, especially when it comes to newborns. However, many new parents do not know how to wear a ring sling nor which one to choose. Isn’t it time that you learn?

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What’s the Difference Between Ring Sling And Baby Wraps?

Maya Baby WrapA baby carrier and a baby wrap are both great items for growing babies. The carriers are designed to hold a baby in an upright position and to support your back so that you nor your baby can become uncomfortable. A baby wrap is a little different. Your baby is still going to be supported, but there are no clips or buckles for you to deal with. To increase comfort, you may want to give the Maya Wrap a try because it has more padding than many other slings according to many baby sling reviews. With a ring sling, your infant can be held in a more laid back position, when they are very young, though most people do say it is best to put your baby into a more upright position. It allows for easy nursing, it is easier to put on according to most people, and it is cheaper than other types of infant carriers.

If you put on a ring sling properly, your baby will be safe inside. It does take a little practice to put it on properly, but once you have figured out how to wear a ring sling, your baby will be just as safe in it as they are in a Boba wrap or some other type of baby carrier. The hardest part is gaining a full understanding of how to use a ring sling by threading cloth through the rings.

How to Wrap a Newborn Ring Sling

When wrapping a baby in a ring sling, you need to focus on the ring. It works looping the ends of your sling tightly through the rings and when you tug on the rings, the fabric should not pull free. After you have done that test, you should then hold the material where you will place your little one and then put your baby inside of the pouch. Before you let go of your sling, you need to tighten it up and pull to ensure it does not come loose. To help you with putting it on and seeing what is available, you need to read through the baby slings reviews. No one is more qualified to tell you how easy or hard a sling is than the parents who have already purchased and used it.

Most Popular Ring Sling Choices

Momaway Ring Sling

One of the most popular baby slings for newborns is the Momaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier. It is one size fits all and easy for both you and your little bundle. With it, you have total freedom when it comes to how to position your little one for maximum comfort and nursing.

Mom Away Ring Sling Baby Carrier


However, another popular choice because of its light padding is the Light-on-Shoulder. It promises to hold little ones securely while providing cushioning around the baby’s legs and parent’s shoulders.

Lite On The shoulder Ring Sling