Líllébaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier Original Review

Are you holding your newborn as much as you should? Do you often feel that you need to put him/her down so that you can do what you need to do, only to have her fuss? Babies are demanding and there has never been a parent who could stay on top of it all while carrying around their little bundle of joy. That is why carriers were invented. It gives you a way to hold your little one close while still going about your daily chores and errands. This means that whether you are a new parent or one who has already had a few children, you can do it all and the Líllébaby COMPLETE is here to help. Simply take a look at the Líllébaby COMPLETE baby carrier original review to learn how much simpler life with a little one can be.

Líllébaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier Original

Líllébaby has created a carrier that gives parents more options and for a longer time than most carriers. You can use it safely from the newborn stage all the way up to your toddler is 45 pounds. The best part though, is the many positions that you can put your child into while you go about your daily tasks.

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With this carrier you can put little ones in a fetal position or have them facing your chest. As they grow into toddlerhood, you can have them facing outward away from you, toward you, or put them on your hip. They will also be able to ride along while on your back. No matter which position you and your child are most comfortable with, you will never need to add an insert like you will with the ErgoBaby Carrier which can make other carriers feel more bulky, because it has everything you and your baby needs for comfort.

LillieBaby Carrier ReviewWhen comfort counts, this baby back pack offers lumbar and neck supports, sleeping hoods, shoulder straps that work in two different positions, and even a zippered compartment for you to put the baby’s pacifier or your cell phone. It has a wide waist belt to ensure it does not cut into you while you are carrying your child and the shoulder pads are 3 inches wide to help alleviate some of the pressure carrying around a larger sized toddler can cause you.

Other features include a full money back guarantee for parents who are not completely satisfied. It is lightweight at just 2.5 pounds and usable during cool or warm weather thanks to a zipper that you can zip for warmth or zip down to reveal a mesh area to keep your little one cool.

When not using this baby carrier on back, mommy’s can nurse their growing infants while the soothing motion of your movements will keep them calmed. Dads can also use it to bond with their baby by simply holding them close to their heart.


  • Comfortable for Parents and Babies
  • Offers Maximum Support for Everyone, Even Small Newborns
  • Allows a Variety of Carry Positions Including Front or Chest, Hips, and Back Positions
  • Money Back Guarantee if Not Satisfied by the Líllébaby COMPLETE
  • Perfect for Breastfeeding and Bonding Between Parents and Child
  • Allows Parents to Keep Up by Going Hands Free


  • Too Many Straps to Deal With

Lillie Baby Ergo Design Carrier

Overall Review on this Baby Back Carrier

Due to the many positions that this baby carrier back pack offers you, there are a lot of straps for you to deal with. Some parents do find this an annoying, but necessary feature. If this is not something that you feel will annoy you, then there are not many reasons for you to look for another carrier. Most parents will appreciate the fact that it is versatile. They will like that it is comfortable for both them and their little ones.

A simple glance through the reviews that other parents have left will show you that it is a great option for both parents and kids. No one can seem to find a reason to absolutely hate using it. Considering how when it comes to carriers, moms and dads are the true test and the way that overall, the Líllébaby COMPLETE seems to satisfy even the most particular parents; can you see any reason not to give it a try? Read More Owner Reviews⇒