Manduca Baby Carrier Review

One of the major issues that many parents have with a baby carrier is that they are good for a limited time. One carrier may last during the newborn stage and then you have to purchase another style to carry your little one as it grows into toddlerhood. Considering the price of some carriers, this is not necessarily a cost-effective option. Until now. The Manduca promises to give you the option to have only one carrier to carry your little one from newborn through toddlerhood. Is it possible? Read our Manduca baby carrier review to find out.

Manduca Baby Carrier Features

Manduca Baby CarrierThe Manduca carrier provides newborns and toddlers with a safe place to sit thanks to seat size reducing inserts for newborns and all the head support that they could need. As the child grows into toddlerhood, you simply remove the inserts and extend the back so that your child can still be comfortable.

For parents, it has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt so that you always have a perfect fit. This ergonomic waist belt also ensures that you do not feel the normal pressure that you would if you were carrying your toddler around for the day.

This carrier is lightweight at less than two pounds, which means that your carrier will not burden you with extra weight. This is made possible by the fact that the outer shell canvas is made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. The inside is made of pure organic cotton.

Manduca Toddle CarrierThe Manduca Baby Carrier is rated to safely hold all infants and toddlers that are between 7.7lbs-44lbs. This means you could easily be carrying your toddler until they are 3-4 years old. It also provides you with the option to carry your child on your chest, back, or hip.

What Makes Manduca Special?

Most infant carriers and baby carriers have a weight limit that proves they are only usable for a year or two at the most. The baby carrier Manduca is one of the few baby carriers on the market today that can provide parents with the option to only have one baby carrier throughout their child’s early years. Also, though there are baby carriers and toddler carriers that provide you with options as to how you carry your growing toddler, not all of them make it so easy to change positions. The entire carrier is adjustable in every way to ensure that no matter how big your little one becomes or how your body may change over the years, you can still carry your newborn right on through.

Blue Manduca Baby Carrier

Also Available In Blue

Where to Purchase A Manduca Carrier

The Manduca is created in Germany, but now, it is available to people in the United States and other areas thanks to Amazon. It is here that you can find the best Manduca carrier sale ever. There are multiple color choices available, including blue and black. The price is a little more than typical baby carriers, but very few offer the same features and comfort as this one. Therefore, it is definitely worth checking into if you do not have to purchase a new carrier each year. More On Manduca⇒