Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier Review

Moby Wraps are something that many people have heard of when it comes to carriers. They promise comfort, they promise ease of use, and they promise moms and dads the ability to snuggle with their tiny ones easily while they go about their daily chores and routines. With all the hype over them, is it any wonder why every parent wants to know more about it, as well as whether it is worth it or not? This style carrier is very different from traditional baby carriers and wraps. For parents who want to know more, there are a lot of reviews out there, but here is the only one that you will find that tells you the good and the bad of this baby carrier. By reading this, you will be able to make an informed decision using only the Moby Wrap Original review combined with other parent’s opinions of it.

Moby Wrap Original Baby Wrap

Moby Baby Wrap

The Moby Wrap Original is made of 100% cotton to comfort you and your little one. It is designed to wrap them in softness while keeping you comfortable as well.

It has a wide piece of fabric that can wrap over both your shoulders. From there, it crosses over your back to distribute their weight evenly around your entire torso. There are no buckles to poke you. No hardened seams for you to deal with. Just comfort. For the baby inside, they will be nice and warm, cuddled up to their most favorite person. You can do what you need to do and they will never know that you don’t spend all day every day, cuddling with them. This will increase the amount of bonding that you two have throughout the day.

The Moby wrap holds infants from preemie sized up to toddlers who are 35 pounds. As long as you are comfortable carrying them and your child is comfortable being carried around by you, it is a great way for you to keep them close and yourself busy doing all that parents have to do.

Some parents are concerned about whether their child is safe in the Moby Wrap or not. If you follow the Moby wrap directions you will see that it uses three different sections of fabric to hold your little one securely. The Moby baby wrap is built to be a help for parents, not a concern for them. It is simple to use. It does not matter what body type you have or how much your little one wiggles.

There are a variety of patterns for you to choose from. You can have a solid color Moby or a printed one. It is easy to clean as well and the cotton sections are made extra-large to prevent parents having to worry about whether it shrinks in the wash or not.Moby Wrap Green Baby Carrier

What Do Parents Think of the Moby Wrap?

Overall, 59% of buyers love the Moby Wrap Original. They give it a 5 star rating because of how versatile the positioning can be. These parents love that it keeps a baby swaddled close to them so that they can go on with their day, even when their infant is colicky. However, as you read through the Moby Wrap reviews, you will find plenty of parents who admit that it is a little frustrating to learn how to put it on properly. Some will tell you that you need to practice a few times, but that it does become easier. To help with this, many turned to a Moby Wrap tutorial and still others decided to create their own Moby Wrap baby Carrier.

How to Make Your Own Moby Wrap

Many parents suggest that there is a cheaper alternative to the original Moby Wrap and there are a lot of DIY Moby Wrap instructions on the web. Most of them will include buying 5-6 yards of fabric, cutting it in half and wrapping your baby as the how-to videos tell you to wrap up in the Moby Wrap. Some will require you to know how to sew while others claim to be sewing free. You should choose the easiest one for you if you decide to try and save a few dollars. Check out some suggestion on how to make one on Pinterest Here.

Moby Wrap Brown

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Either way, regardless of whether you buy the original or create your own, you will soon be delighted with all of the options you now have. Mommy’s can breastfeed their little one while shopping, daddies can learn how to use the Moby Wrap back carry positions, and anyone can enjoy all of the other ways to carry your new little bundle of joy. Read More Moby Wrap Reviews Here⇒