Moses Baby Carrier Baskets

One of the newest baby accessories is the Moses carrier, and it is unlike anything you may have seen before. A Moses baby carrier basket is a basket that is designed for newborns. Most all of them have a maximum weight limit of 15 pounds. They are ultra-portable and allow your little one to have a safe place to sleep, anywhere that you are.

Are Moses Baskets Like Other Baby Carriers?

Ideal Moses Basket For Photo Shoot.Moses baby baskets are more similar to a bassinet than they are to a carrier, though they are used to carry sleeping infants. These baskets have a carrying handle and mats to ensure the baby’s comfort, and some even have fitted sheets. All of them use material that is washable so that spit ups are easier to clean up. Unlike normal baby carriers, you do not use the Moses basket for baby by carrying it on your back or chest. You carry it by holding it with your hand. They are also not safe for babies who are able to turn over or move around on their own.

Why Would You Want a Moses Baby Carrier?

One of the biggest reasons you may want Moses baskets for babies is the fact that they are portable beds for newborns. Additionally, many parents are opting for a Moses bed as a prop in their newborn photo shoots. Some of them have hoods so you can take them outdoors to give your baby a safe place to sleep. You can also take them with you to grandma’s house or to your friend’s house without having to pack up a portable crib. They are easier to work with than a crib and more portable than a basinet. To see other features of the baby basket carrier, why not take a look at the products below.

1. Natural Hooded Moses Basket

Natural Hooded BasketThis woven basket is perfect for giving babies a safe place to sleep anywhere in the home or the perfect setting for capturing newborn pictures. It has a foam pad, a fabric liner, and uses a fitted sheet. There is also a removable hood for times when you are enjoying outdoor time. All bedding is machine washable. 


2. Badger Basket Company Natural Basket

Badger Basket Moses StyleThis safe baby basket has bedding that is machine washable. There are several different color styles available for the bedding. It is safe to use by infants that are less than 15 pounds and weighs only 3 pounds. The basket is made of wicker. This Moses basket is the most “traditional looking” basket.


3. Vintage Dot Moses Basket Set

Vintage Moses BasketThis pink polka dot basket is great for babies that are 15 pounds or less. It is soft and durable, made of 100% cotton. It has a detachable hood and a musical mobile. There is an inner pad and it is washable along with the basket cover. It measures 24 x 15 x 13 inches.


4. Baby GoGo Moses Bed

Go Go Moses Baby BedAs many parents know, their children often times like to mimic mom & dad. Most commonly, this is taken shape in children carrying along a doll or stuffed animal. this carrier is designed to carry along those items. This baby bed is 100% cotton made and designed for kids who want to take care of their baby. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is able to hold a 13” doll and includes a pillow for babies to rest on. It is available in gender neutral colors and promises to give your child hours of fun taking care of babies.