Most Comfortable Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is something many people enjoy the idea of, especially new parents. However, there are some baby carriers that make people very uncomfortable when carrying their little one throughout the busy day. If you know where to look and what features make them more comfortable, it is possible to find good carriers. Here are a few things you need to consider when looking for the most comfortable baby carrier options.

What Features make Baby Carriers Most Comfortable?

BabyBjorn Baby CarrierThe biggest thing you need to look for is how well a carrier will support both you and your little one when you are wearing your baby. Your infant should be fully supported so that they do not feel pressure on their tiny body. Their head should be supported, as well as their spine. For parents, the things that will make it more comfortable may include things like shoulder strap padding and support around your waist to ensure that all of the baby’s weight is not carried by your shoulders and back. Some of the best ones have shoulder straps that cross your back right between the shoulder blades, like the BabyBjorn baby carrier, which is fully adjustable, easy to use, and supports a growing baby fully. You can read more about it by reading our reviews.

What Does Hard or Soft Carrier Mean?

ErgoBaby 360 Front Baby CarrierThe biggest difference you will see when you look at carriers is that there are some that have more support than others. There are some that are soft wraps for your baby while others may have firmly padded areas that are designed to support them. Some parents prefer the sling style carriers because of the fact that they are purely made of fabric, but with this style of carrier, a parent has very little extra support for their back and shoulders. This can make them uncomfortable as an infant grows into toddlerhood. The harder style of baby carrier, one such as the Ergobaby Original, supports babies and toddlers up to 45 pounds so that you can walk easier while carrying your child while remaining hands free. Our Ergobaby Original review can also be found here.

Which Carrier Positions Are Most Comfortable?

When it comes to the positioning of your baby and how the carrier supports your back, there are some preferred positions for you to consider. There are baby carriers that are designed to be worn as a sling. This can help your infant by allowing them to lay down and nap while you go about your daily chores, but often the weight of your little one will be on one shoulder, which can be uncomfortable for you. Carriers that allow you to wear your infant on your back, may provide comfort for you both, but a newborn baby will not be able to nurse in this sling. There are hip carriers available, but you have to carry all of their weight on your side. The most comfortable baby carriers end up being the ones that you can wear with the baby on your chest. Your back is supported, your shoulders are comforted, and the infant inside can nurse or sleep in comfort, fully supported by the carrier. Some of these carriers also can be worn in a way that allows your little one to look at the world around them, but this should not be done until your baby can hold its head upright and support its own body.

Which Carrier is Most Comfortable?

Two of the most popular baby carriers for comfort are the Ergonomic baby carrier and the T Tula Ergonomic baby carrier. These two carriers provide both the parents and the baby with the maximum amount of comfort regardless of size.

Ergobaby Four Position 360

ErgoBaby 360

The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is perhaps the best Ergo baby carrier because it allows parents to wear their little one in four different positions. It can hold a growing child up to 33 pounds and the child will also be in the frog leg position which is considered best for their hips. Their spine will be supported in the C position at all times. If you are using it with a newborn, you will need to purchase an infant insert.

Tula Ergonomic

Tula Most Comfortable Baby Carrier

The best soft baby carrier option may be the Tula Ergonomic carrier. It is designed for older babies who are between 15-45 pounds. It can be used as either a front carrier or a back carrier. It holds the child in an M position so that their body develops properly and it is easily washable by simply putting it into the washing machine.