OnYa Baby Carrier Review

A baby carrier should be comfortable for both parents and baby. It should keep them safe and it should be affordable. For these reasons the OnYa brand baby carrier is quickly becoming a popular choice for many parents. That is why you should read our OnYa baby carrier review before you run out and potentially waste money on some other brand that may leave you wondering if there was a better option.

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OnYa Baby Carrier Features

OnYa Baby OnYa baby carriers are designed to work from infancy through toddlerhood. They offer you several functional uses. They are made with pure, lightweight material, and provide a safe carrier for your baby. Some can be used by parents who want to carry on their belly and others can be used with you carrying on your belly or your back. It is all about what makes you and your little one most comfortable. If you want, you can even use these carriers to help your little one sit in a chair more safely.

What Makes OnYa Unique?

OnYa Baby Carrier ReviewThere are many carriers on the market. The Moby wrap is popular and similar to the OnYa. It costs less, but many parents say that it is hot to wear on a daily basis. Another newer brand is the Happy Wrap. It is easy to put on, but many parents feel that their child is not safe in it because the material is too stretchy. It is also only usable for the first year of a child’s life. The Babybjorn comparison proves that it is closer in price, but it does not have an integrated chair support and neither does the Lillebaby carrier.

The truth is, with all the baby carriers and wraps, it would be impossible to compare it to all of them. For that reason, you should take a look at some of the different types of OnYa baby carrier sale items that are available for your infant.

Choose The Best OnYa for Your Baby

1. Onya Baby Carrier-Cruiser Bundle

OnYa Baby Carrier CruiserThis OnYa toddler carrier is ergonomically designed to carry your growing child on your front, back, or side. It also has an integrated chair harness to transform an adult chair into a safe seat for your growing baby to. If you have the baby booster, your little one can sit in this carrier from the time they are newborn and until they are 45 pounds. It also features Chewie Teething pads to keep your shoulder straps dry.


2. OnYa Outback Baby Carrier

OnYa Backpack Baby Carrier

This carrier has a nylon body and air mesh liner. The nylon will not tear and it can be used with young children between 15-45 pounds. You can carry them on your hip, your stomach, or your back. It can also be used as a chair harness. The sleeping/sun hood tucks away when not in use, but while out, it protects your baby with an SPF 50 sunshade.


3. OnYa Baby Outback

Infant To Toddler OnYa Baby Backpack CarrierThis is the Outback baby booster infant insert so that you can use the Outback on baby’s that are smaller than 15 pounds. It has teething pads, seat darts, and leg padding to ensure that your little one sits comfortably.



OnYa Baby BoosterThis is the booster for the OnYa baby Cruiser. It is 4” high by 8” wide. It is made with organic French Terry Cotton lining and has a breathable mesh exterior so that your little one does not get too hot. It adjusts as your baby grows and then can be removed after they reach 15 pounds.