Pognae Baby Carrier Review

Pognae Baby Carrier BrandThere are a lot of choices available for people who want to use a baby carrier for their little one. All of them have pros and cons as well as many fans. The question is, how do you really know that it will be everything you want? Pognae is a carrier brand that not many have heard of, but it is certainly gaining interest. If you want to know why then you should read our Pognae baby carrier review.

Features of the Pognae Hipseat

BeigeBabyCarrierThere are several different Pognae baby carriers available. One is the basic carry which fits against your stomach. It has a zippered compartment that when unzipped will allow your child to feel a little cooler. Beyond that, you have the Mushroom Hipseat and the Cabbage Hipseat, which are the same style, but different color choices. The Hipseat can be worn on the hip or in front of you, whichever makes you most comfortable, but as an added bonus, it even allows you to carry in more positions that include: front facing out, back carrying, and hooded carrying in both front or back carrying.


Pognae Hip Seat CarrierOne of the most unique features of the Hipseat is that it enables your child to sit on their own little chair. There is a firm surface built in to ensure that the child is supported on their bottom. It also has an organic drool pad and detachable bib. These carriers are designed to carry babies from newborn aged to about 36 months.

If you choose the original Pognae, you will discover that it features a hood which can fold up neatly into its zippered area when not in use. It is designed to be used with babies that are between 6 months and 3 years. More On Original Hipseat⇒

How Pognae Compares to Other Carriers

Pognae Mushroom Color Option

Pognae Mushroom Color Option

The Pognae carrier is better than many other carriers because of the base that your child will have to sit on. There are no inserts needed to keep newborns upright and as your child grows, you will not have to worry about how well they are supported by the carrier. If you combine that with the age range that children can use these carriers and how easy they are to care for, you have a great combination and should only need one carrier to get through the toddler years. More On Mushroom Color Option⇒

Why People Love Pognae

Cabbage Color Pognae Baby Carrier

Cabbage Color Pognae Baby Carrier

As you scroll through the parent reviews for the Pognae baby carrier, you will find that most people love the fact that it is such a comfortable carrier for them to wear. They also enjoy feeling as though their little one is comfortable because often children do fall asleep while in them. These carriers are designed to grow with your baby and adjusts to work with them. They are also easy to adjust for parents who may need to use one carrier for both parents who may be of different sizes. If there is a complaint, it is that the Hipseat should be worn at the hip line. Otherwise, it may cause you discomfort. If that is the only real complaint, then you should feel confident that it is a great choice for most people. More On Cabbage Color Option⇒